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What is coaching and should I consider it?

Coaches work with clients, sometimes called "coachees", to optimize performance. We often think of coaching as an activity in athletics, public speaking, or a performance-based venue. But coaches work with many people to help unlock inner wisdom and high performance.

I have a therapist, do I need a coach?

Therapists work with clients in a diagnostic way. Coaches generally do not diagnose a client. In fact, coaching is not meant to replace therapy but offers a different modality to help individuals become more successful. Solution-focused coaching is approached with an outcome in mind, and a bounded number of sessions or an end date. While one can certainly have a long engagement with a coach, clients gain the ability to unlock their own insights and wisdom by using skills and new abilities learned through their coaching relationship.

What kinds of coaching do you offer?

Phinishing Strong focuses on individuals who are exploring life transitions and journeys, academic project-based work, and leaders who are new in a role or feel "stuck".

How do I find out more?

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Academic Writing

Wherever you are in the process of your writing project, we can help clarify and focus your efforts so you can spend your time wisely. The investment you've already made in yourself will pay off if you just keep going!

Leadership Coaching

Whether you are a new leader or a seasoned and weathered professional, clarity and focus help you achieve your goals and support you in the work of keeping your organization on track!

Life Coaching

You're asking yourself - what's next? You're seeking a different path on your journey. Let us accompany you as you explore and create your own new byway.